>Full page or Strip?

>I have polled this one before, bit it bears repeating.

Do you think it is better to post a full comic page, twice a week, or, post tiers of the page as a strip, on a daily schedule?

I was daily for quite a while, and noticed (Mainly at Drunk Duck), a great drop in my readership due to only updating twice a week.

I have been updating Mondays with extra background info and Wed and Fri with pages. I was toying with the idea of splitting my pages and posting them M-F or even M-S. I look to strips like Sluggy and AVP who go daily and have great readership.

I can’t seem to get off the fence.




One thought on “>Full page or Strip?

  1. Mr.Riot

    >I like Phineus as a full-pager twoce a week. I don’t think that strip form would be as exciting (at least, that’s just my humble opinion). I’ve tried reading comics that post their pages is strip-form (like Johnny Saturn), and I just can’t get into it. I get annoyed because i KNOW it’s just part of a larger page.Phineus is perfect just the way it is!


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