Squat Landraider

Mirrored from Phinmagic.com.

Land-Raider-Page  So, the Squats are a discontinued race from 40K, sort of space dwarves. I ALWAYS play dwarves in any game I try, any version of them, so I HAD to play the Squats. That said, there are no longer any rules to cover them, so you have to substitute with other army lists. I use Daemon-hunters with Imperial Guard allies.

  I chose a land raider to build because in the fluff, the Squats are the engineers of a lot of Imperial tech.

  The Squats are the modern take I had for Kris Kringle and his dwarves, and in turn, I fashioned my army after the Dwarves in my comic. Neat how that works out.

Warhammer 4ok and Squats are © Games Workshop.


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