Mother Crossover by Riot!

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Here is an excerpt from James Riot (The Path) from the Mediocre Mili­tia blog on the upcom­ing ( and long delayed) crossover, in a hope to goad him into doing it! He’s turn­ing big time and I want to ride his coat-tails!

So…about a year or so ago, Barry Linck (Phineus: Magi­cian for Hire) and Kevin Hay­man (The Errant Appren­tice) gave me the go ahead to muck about with their flag­ship char­ac­ters and do a crossover with them and Chance from my comic, The Path. I was thrilled, as I am a huge fan of both their comics, and imme­di­ately penned a story. Then started work­ing on pages. Then, because I’m me, life got in the way. Despite good inten­tions and excite­ment over the project, it fell by the wayside.


Well, now that I’m behind on The Path and play­ing some hard­core catch-up, this project started rear­ing it’s ugly head again in the back of my mind and won’t leave me alone.


Assum­ing that Barry and Kevin’s bless­ings remain, this crossover will return anew with the New Year. Because, quite frankly, few char­ac­ters belong together more than a wiz­ard, a modern-day knight, and the rein­car­na­tion of a cer­tain once and future king.


Here is the cover mock-up I col­ored for prac­tice tonight (some­one dis­cov­ered vec­tor brushes…) in an insane bout of insom­nia whilst my girl­friend slum­bered peacefully.


I’m espe­cially happy with Phineus in the back there for some reason.


And that’s that.



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