Phineas and Ferb

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Aside from the obvious name similarities, I do enjoy me some P&F. It’s smart, funny, silly and neat. But, I hadn’t realised some of the voice casting until I saw the credits from the Christmas special. Obviously there are Disney regs as kids, but the adult casting is really unexpected:

Caroline Rhea … Mom /

Richard O’Brien … Dad  Riff Raff-Rocky Horror

Barry Bostwick … Grandpa Clyde  Brad – Rocky Horror

Malcolm McDowell … Grandpa Reg Alex- Clockwork Orange

Jennifer Grey … Dr. Gevaarlijk  Ferris Beuller

Clancy Brown … Santa Claus  The Kurgan- The Highlander

Lorenzo Lamas … Meap  Falcon’s Crest & Stupid Movies

Jane Leeves … Admiral Acronym  Frasier



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