Epic Fail!

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Picture 2 So, it’s “Plug Circle” week over at The Webcomic Planet Collective. This is where we , as members, plug each other’s comic on our own sites, and vice versa.

This round I decided to do Amy Letts’ EPIC FAIL. I decided to do this one as Amy and I have a lot in common.

First Amy’s and my screen names are taken from our main characters, her’s is Amuletts, a thief/cleric of the story.

Next, we both write and draw fantasy comics. Granted, mine is fantasy/horror/sci fi and is modern, but at the core it’s all fantasy! Obviously, we both love and were deeply affected by D&D.

Lastly, both comics don’t take themselves too seriously, there is a good deal of the funny and the fun.

Picture 1Now, Amy’s take on the classic fantasy story is very classic. I see it as sort of a cross between Larry Elmore’s Snarfquest and The D&D TV cartoon from the 80’s. I’m not saying that that’s where Amy got her influences, as she lives in England and I’m not sure if they even had that cartoon or Dragon Magazine, but that’s what her stuff reminds me of.

Additionally we have both done Guest art for each other, which I have already posted on the site, here & here.

The comic is great fun and really well done, so go check it out. Now is a perfect time to get in on it as Amy is starting the story back up soon and it gives you guys time to read the archive and be ready for the comics return!

Now, go, swiftly and show her some love!



Author: phinmagic

Phineus : Magician for Hire is the brainchild of creator Barry Linck. Phineus was created in 1987, of then a high school senior after reading too much of Matt Wagner's "Mage", too much Dungeon's and Dragon's and watching too much of John Carpenter's "Big trouble in LittleChina". Over the interviening years Phineus changed from angellic savior, to reluctant hero, to art student who finds he is a mage, until, in 1991, for a comic class at Edinboro University, he became part of a Husband and Wife paranormal investigations team, with Phineus' sidekick and wife Sara. Barry produced and self published from 1993 to the present 33 comics with our erstwhile heroes, garnering a small but rabid fan following.

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