Weekend roundup!

Mirrored from Phinmagic.com.

What an awesome, if not exhausting weekend!

First off, my parents were in town for my daughter’s First Holy Communion, so I got to have out with them a lot, had the church and party thing on Sunday. Good times with my fam and my in-laws. Good people all around!


Me, Harold Cupec and Jon Towers at the Stigmata Studios booth.

Saturday was the Pittsburgh Comicon. I set up with the multi-talented and really cool, Jon Towers. Jon is the mastermind of  The Non-Standard Assembly and Stigmata Studios. Really, if you are not already reading NSA, you don’t know what you’re missing! Get yer asses over and read his stuff!

Got to hang with Scott Hedlund and Stephanie who both manned the Strumhaus table, as Brian Babyok was just visiting and Dan Greenwald was off in Ohio doing S.P.A.C.E. Divide and conquer, baby!

The Space Monkey crew, as always, are a trip, led by Mike Wood (Hate Your Friends, Creephunter, Pocket Pulp Project), along with Al Durantes and Kristin Ross.

Ricochet studios was hopping with Marcel Walker and his costumed heroines Jami Marlowe & Tracy Bartosh. Plus Wayne Wise debuted his long awaited follow up to Grey Legacy!

Met a fan, and fellow professional, Stephen Wittmaak, that I hadn’t seen in years, when he was in high school. He stool there, amazed that I was still kicking around. He had bought a Phineus comic or two, while in High school. He said I was a big influence and he even had a ponytail in HS , just like Phin! Cool! Love that! His stuff is awesome, check it out!

Mark Menifield was set up and has been pumping out work at an alarming rate. His stuff will be available online soon. I’ll post url’s when that happens!

I got to put actual faces with internet personas, as I met Harold Cupec, in the flesh and fellow WCP Collective members Chris Maverick and Chris Flick! Good times!

I wish I had more time to hang out with more people!


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