Summer Hours

I can’t seem to get a break, right now. I’ve been fighting ever snowballing plumbing issues and the water damage caused by them. Add to that the Spring storm damage, the random softball and baseball games and all the yard work a house with an acre of property entails and work on top of it, I can’t seem to get ahead of my buffer.

So, I’m going to have to pair down my content for a month or two, while summer drags on. Expect 2 Phineus updates a week and a page a week for Bastard Who. If I can get any more done and out to you, I will. We have a buffer at Gas Light Tales, so I’m hoping that will be unaffected.

Sorry, to you guys, for this, but life sometimes gets in the way of creativity and art. Unless you guys want to buy mw out of my insentured servitude and I can quit my job, I gotta work.

Alright, guys, hang in there and I’ll catch you laters!



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