New Foo!

The Foo Fighters’ new album, “Wasted Light” is probably their best effort since their first. Every song is solid, melodic and well constructed. Grohl’s song writing is in top form and with the addition of former Foo and Germs guitarist Pat Smear adds a real “Wall of Guitar” sound that really adds muscle to their already insanely catchy, clever brand of rock.

While their releases “Rope” and “White Limo” would be easy favorite songs from the album, the first track “Bridge Burning” stands out and has easily become my favorite. Guests on the album include Krist Novocelic from Nirvana and Bob Mould of Hüsker Dü , with Butch Vig as producer.

Also, check out the video for “White Limo” with Motörhead‘s Lemmy who worked with Grohl on his Probot album. Great fun!

If you don’t already own this album, go download it, now. And get the extended verlsion, the extra songs ans videos are cool.



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