Agnes Beam comic by Glenn Csonka

My very good friend Glenn Csonka (creator of Animal Force) is working on this old yet unfulfilled idea. Glenn and I have known each other since middle school. We were study hall cartoon buddies. Glenn taught me a lot of stuff in those early days and it was fun to have somebody to draw with.

My 5th published comic, “The Undead Hotdog Incident” had Glenn’s first “Animal Force” as a backup/flip comic.

Glenn has been wanting to do a steampunk Phineus story. While discussing what he could do, I suggested doing a prequel to Phineus using his great great grandmother , Agnes Beam. I’ve been wanting do do this for a while, but Glenn beat me to it!

It’ll be set in turn of the century Pittsburgh. Glenn is doing a lot of research of Pittsburgh history and folklore.

This makes three stories being written and drawn by others in my world. I am one lucky bastard!

Noeland Collins’ “Werewolf Conundrum

Jon Towers’ “The Mother of All Monsters



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