Monsters and Crossovers

So, currently, I have 3 crossovers in the works:

The hiatus’d “Trinity” with LOCUS & the Path (which we are planning on starting up again, soon, here), A crossover, tentativly called “Barcrawl of the Damned” with EXPLORERS OF THE UNKNOWN & an unnamed story crossing over with ODK’s own WILLIAM FEIST.

So, some awfully great stuff coming out, very soon!

Here are some monsters that may be in these stories… just having fun drawing critters!



2 thoughts on “Monsters and Crossovers

    1. Phinmagic Post author

      I know, right? These will be so fun! Now, I may not get all the stuff I had planned to get done, this year, done. Oh well, better to have too many projects than not enough, right?


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