Upcoming Appearance: TOONSEUM Mini-con!

I’ll be appearing at the Inaugural TOONSEUM MINI-con, here in Pittsburgh April 5th & 6th!

#NDCA #pittsburgh #comic

“The ToonSeum Announces the First ToonSeum MiniCon.

This MiniCon will be a two day expo dedicated wholly to celebrating and showing of the lively world of Pittsburgh’s small press comics and zines creators.

The programming for the MiniCon will include ongoing workshops and several discussion panels. There’ll be music DJ’ed by WRCT Pittsburgh, homemade potato kale/sauerkraut,mushroom,carrot pierogies and plenty of activities for kids.

Similar to PIX: The Pittsburgh Indy Comics Expo and last years Pittsburgh Zine Fair, the ToonSeum MiniCon is all about creator owned work. As such, the role of this MiniCon is to showcase and promote the work of self-publishing comics artists, cartoonists and zine creators as well as that of small-scale publishers in Pittsburgh.

The mission of the ToonSeum is to celebrate the art of cartooning. Our goal is to promote a deeper appreciation of the cartoonists and their work through hands-on workshops, community outreach, cartoon-oriented educational programming, and exhibitions of original cartoon art.

As such, this first MiniCon is our way of fostering the arts in Pittsburgh in as direct a way as possible. The idea with this MiniCon is to continue nurturing the creative community that exists in Pittsburgh by creating a lively space exchange of ideas and artwork.

Come by, have a blast and support the arts! “

For more information visit: http://toonseumminicon.wordpress.com/



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