New Format

We’re moving to a new format here at Phineus! I’m going to posting Daily strips as opposed to 2 or 3  a week full pages. I’m hoping to get back to color, soon as well.

So all that “Summer Hours” stuff I posted last week, for get I said any of that!

As we move forward, we’ll be changing alot of things, for the better, to bring you more, better Phineus adventures!

In addition, I’ll still be working on the D20 sourcebook for Phineus and hope to have it available this fall, so keep your eyes peeled!



5 thoughts on “New Format

      1. Adam Black

        It’s a spinoff of Fudge, near as I could tell. Uses the same dice, at the least.

        It’s got a system called “aspects” that will seriously take the hurt off me when writing rules for tricks like Spook’s pseudo-invisibility.

        It’s got other little things, too. Things that will let me put a lot of nasty little hooks into Necromancy.

        I’ve been trying to put together a Locus RPG since 2008, and this is the first time I’ve actually been excited about it. haha

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