No Sleep Till Comics!!!

Groovy stuff coming up, in Celebration of Phineus’ 25th anniversary!

Not only is Adam Black (Locus) doing a kick-ass Contessa story for Phineus, but I’m doing a Moondoggie comic in return!

Also, Glenn Csonka is doing not 1, but 2 Phineus stories!

Noeland Collins continues to pump out amazing Werewolf Conundrum pages, that I will post when he gets them done!

I’m getting ready to launch the Phineus/William Feist crossover, soon!

Trinity will launch very soon as well with me, James Riot & Adam Black.

Jason R Bender not only wrote “Have a Drink On Me”, but is working on the return of “The Scarf” and a Phineus/Scarf crossover (eventually).

Mikey Wood‘s Creephunter will also be returning soon!

I am working on Print only stories for the TPB with Print-only characters for you guys & wait til you see what 2013 has in store, with the most EPIC Phineus storyline EVER!!
I’ve been picking the brains of my buddies Victor Couwenbergh and Raven Perez for ideas!

Now if I can avoid sleep, I may actually get this all done!! NO. SLEEP. TILL. COMICS!!!!


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