24 Hour Comic Day Recap

The 2012 24 Hour Comic Challenge was this past weekend. We artists in Pittsburgh had our annual gathering at Eljay’s Use Books, Pittsburgh’s best bookstore and had a real blast!

I worked diligently on a guest story for my good friend, Adam Black, on a story about one of his fan favorite characters, Moodoggie. Moondoggie is the 1000 year old surfer werewolf from Adam’s Locus comic. A link to his comic is to the side under friends of Phin, check it out!

On my 6th 24 Hour comic, I failed, buckling under the ickiness of a cold and lack of sleep the night before. I completed 13 pages in just under 12 hours. I will be completing the story over the next few days. I am a failure face. 😦

Still all in all, we had a great time and did some great work. Check out my photo set of the day here!

Onward and upward! I’ll do it again, next year and hopefully I’ll beat it that time!


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