2013- The second 25 years!

Starting in January, I will be changing things up quite a bit. I’ll be doing a “soft”  reboot of the series, keeping all the back story as cannon, but reintroducing the universe to those not familiar or too intimidated by the large archive.

I will also be doing a whole year-long story arc that will tie the whole universe, all the different comic, characters and stories together in a consistent, coherent world.

I am also switching the updates to M-F and in full color!

We will also offer the current chapter as a paid PDF down load from our download store before the story goes live on the site!

What I’m attempting to do is better the comic, my writing and world while I make the Phineus Universe a more thrilling and Epic place for you to spend your time.

I hope you dig the changes I’m making and I hope the comic becomes the Epic hub of epicness, I am attempting to make it.  So, here’s to the second 25 years of Phineus!


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