Ray Harryhausen 1920- 2013

RayOne of my biggest heroes and influences since I was a kid and my babysitter Susan took me to see “Jason and the Argonauts” has been Ray Harryhausen. He was a master of animation,  stopmotion and special effects in so many movies for so long a time.

He added so much character and life to the little rubber puppets that inhabited the worlds he created.

He acted through his dolls in a way that you rarely see in CGI.


 From Mighty Joe Young, to alien flying saucers , to an army of skeleton warriors and even a hydra and Kali, herself, he brought them all to life, by hand one frame at a time.

I became a film maker because of Ray, made my own stop motion monster movies in my basement. Sewed my own  dinosaur puppets to animate and majored in animation, widely because of him.


I recorded and watched  “Clash of the Titans” EVERY DAY for 3 years when I was a kid.  All because of Ray.

Ray passed away, today at 93.

He will be missed. God bless, sir.



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