Little Person among Media Giants

20130411081107-film-title-220_194I was just interviewed for an film that is being funded through Indiegogo. TGT’s kurt Sasso is mounting a monumental film about the struggle to survive in a world of media.

I’ve also donated pages for the stuggle. Please head over and check out the campaign and pitch in!

A Little Summary
This documentary follows an independent interviewer struggling to survive in this mass media world, working hard to not only find his place in the world, but to be recognized as well.
To do this he needs to get one great interview. The journey evolves by the not only personal stories being told, but also through other interviewees on their own successes and failures and how they are attempting to make a name for themselves.Morgan Spurlock is an influence on my Film making all because of “Comic Con: A Fans New Hope” as well as the Documentary “Indie Game: The Movie”.


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