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Kali Saga Chapter 9: When A Hero Goes Down is up for sale!

Kali 9

Kali Saga Chapter 9: When A Hero Goes Down is up for sale!

Download includes a PDF, CBZ and a MOBI file. $1.–The-Kali-Saga-Saga-9–When-a-Hero-Goes-Down


New To You, Sunday! “Now Leaving Innsmouth”

Trinity-CoverThis is both old and new! It is a story I initially drew back in 2009 for Wevolt when James Riot, Adam Black and I we’re all contracted there. Wevolt is no more, but we’re all buds and are still (eventually) doing the crossover.

I revamped this story and posted it in 2012, to fit in with where in time it was going to sit. Since then, we’ve decided to set it a few years back, so I changed it again and this time it’s in color.

It also answers the question of why Mojaekum is so bat-shit crazy.


Original Comic art for sale!

IMG_20130802_121704All remaining art from Phineus is up for grabs!
All art from the early days of Phineus (Volume 1 & 2) are drawn on 10×14 Bristol with pen or brush and ink.

All the remaining art is drawn on roughly 8×12 on bristol board or 80# card with pen and ink.

All original art comes with a high res 8×11 print of the page from the comic and the signed comic page for $25 plus $5 for shipping. Multiple pages only get charged the $5 shipping per order.

Email me at to make sure the page is still available and all payments are paid via PayPal.

Epic Happenings at Errant Apprentice!

Untitled-1Epic stuff is going down over at fellow studio-mate Kevin Hayman’s Errant Apprentice. Epic indeed. Wars of goblins, major characters dying.  It’s awesome.


Plus, add to that that the main character, Terry, is starring in a Phineus adventure and will play a major part in The Kali Saga!


Go read up, get caught up in the story, and be ready for Terry in Phineus, soon!