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Sherlock Holmes cards Part 3

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The last of the Sherlock cards I drew.


Sherlock Holmes cards part 2

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Some more cards. I had fun with the patterns on coats on these.

Sherlock Holmes cards

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Here are some of the 50 cards I did for Cult Stuff’s upcoming “Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes” card series. Just for the record, 50 cards is too many cards to draw of Sherlock. Just sayin’.

Members Only Site is a go!

Hula Hoop CoverI have set up a private, members only site that will have all sorts of goodies not available, here, on the main site. There will be extra stories, sketches, and any kind of stuff you guys want to see on it.

I am granting access to any whom donate $10 for a year’s access. If you are interested, donate via PayPal , email me at that you’ve done it and I’ll set you up with a membership and send an invite to grant you access.

This is a great way for you to see new stuff, gain access to new PDF downloads for free and get to petition me for whatever twisted bonus material you want to see me draw!


Did I mention you get the PDFs I release for free? That’s $12 worth of PDFs, plus bonus content for $10 a year!

Original Comic art for sale!

IMG_20130802_121704All remaining art from Phineus is up for grabs!
All art from the early days of Phineus (Volume 1 & 2) are drawn on 10×14 Bristol with pen or brush and ink.

All the remaining art is drawn on roughly 8×12 on bristol board or 80# card with pen and ink.

All original art comes with a high res 8×11 print of the page from the comic and the signed comic page for $25 plus $5 for shipping. Multiple pages only get charged the $5 shipping per order.

Email me at to make sure the page is still available and all payments are paid via PayPal.