The adventures of Phineus and Sara. He casts spells, she shoots things. 5 Days a week. Phineus is created, drawn and written by Barry Linck

#01 Dismember Me When You’re Gone

Phin and Sara’s first case back in 1991! The duo face a barbaric vampire known as Count Dismember! The very First Phineus story!

#02 Largo the Dread

Phineus and Sara investigate a rash of kidnappings after a run in with a Dragon Kind. Phin and Sara run into Largo the dread vampire.

#03 Wake the Dead

Captured by Largo, Phin and Sara must free themselves and face the legions of the undead!

#04 Golem

Sara and friend Judy go it alone against the animated statue of the Earth God! The first time Sara destroys The Carnegie Museum.

#05 The Undead Hotdog Incident

The Beams interrupt an undead bank robbery and meet up with an old friend who’s bent on being a new foe!
comic-20061104-Undead Hotdog.jpg

#06 Rotwang

Rotwang holds Phin and Sara captive! Phin and Sara must try and escape and face Rotwang’s undead hoard! A major turning point in the BEam’s lives and the last issue of the first volume.

#07 The Glamour

Brian Babyok scripted story of Phineus and Sara’s meeting in college. Zombies! Werewolves! Demons! All with bad hair!

#08 Ruins on a Moonlit Landscape

Brain Babyok scripted this Lovecraftian tale. Phin and Sara must rescue the remnants of Sara’s old team from an extra-dimensional Hell.

#09 Nazi Bastards

Sara’s hunch about aliens leads to a run-in with flying saucer flying nazis plucked out of time by a scientific accident!

#10 Ghoul of My Dreams

Disturbed graves lead Phin and Sara to discover a den of ghouls!

#11 My Mummy Loves Me

On an archaeological dig, Phin and Sara stumble upon some Egyptian relics that aren’t so restful.

#12 Mistake By the Lake

The Vatican call upon Phineus to save Cleveland and the world from a cloud of anti-matter let loose on Cleveland. The first appearance of Fr. Ben Billings.

#13 Terror of Leap Castle

The Beams get a job at the “Most Haunted Place in Ireland” , Leap Castle. They get assistance from Milo, a punk rock scientist as they deal with not one, but two ghosts!
comic-20070514-Terror cover.jpg

#14 The Eyes Have It

A beholder robbing a bank, what will they think of next? The return of Rotwang!

#15 Iron Golem

A run in with a pesky iron golem. Originally in first issue, now a side story!
comic-20070512- Iron Golem  Cover.jpg

#16 Sara: One Shot

Written by Noeland Collins and Marshall Dillon. Sara fights terrorists, “Die Hard” style at the Carnegie Museum, while Phin recuperates from his magic induced heart attack. The second time Sara destroys the museum!

#17 Radon Farting Bastards

Phin, Sara and monster hunter, Michael Carpenter fight a hoard of flesh-tearing zombies created by aliens! My first 24 hour comic! Slightly NSFW.

#18 Boy Wizard

It’s 1981. After Phin’s parents discover his magical powers, Phineus is taken to an exorcist. That exorcist just happens to be Fr. Billings!

#19 Against the Giants

Phin and Sara are given a mission by Mojaekum, Phins old professor and Mage Protector of Pittsburgh. The two must travel to the North Pole and rescue Santa Claus from ice giants. The first appearance of Kris Kringle.

#20 San Diego Goat Sucker

It’s 1987. Sara and new boy friend, Bobby Carter (Creephunter), go on a date and encounter the alien creature known as the Chupacabra!

#21 Great Jaguar Paw #1

Written by Brian Babyok. Sara and her friends from GD7 are attacked after a good lunch by Lizard-like aliens. Only Mike can find out what it all means!

#22 Zombie Rat Uprising

It’s 1985. Phin and his friends in Fourier College have a game of D&D interrupted by a hoard of undead rats and other things. We introduce how Phin and Rotwang met, as well as Mojaekum and others! Cartoony fun!

#23 Great Jaguar Paw 2

The Great Jaguar Paw, Hasaw, makes his plans known and carnage ensues. Can the Beams and GD7 stop him?

#24 Great Jaguar Paw 3

The minions of Hasaw kidnap Mercy from GD7. Our heroes must rush into the maw of the beast to save her from The Great Jaguar Paw , himself!

#25 Gardengnomageddon

Fr. Ben comes to offer Phineus the Mage Protector for Cleveland, to replace the deceased Agnes Rand. During his visit he talks about his first mission for the Council when he worked with the late Ms. Rand.

#26 Imp

Phineus tangles with a demonic little bastard that is released when creating a magical doorway to Cleveland from their offices in Pittsburgh.
comic-20110829-Imp -Inside-cover-.jpg

#27 Sara and the Gobbo Slavers 1

Sara and long time family friend, Pen are kidnapped by goblins after a Penguins hockey game, leaving Phineus and Hector for dead. Phineus has to track down the girls from their underground captors.

#28 Sara and the Gobbo Slavers 2

Phin continues his search for the missing women, while Sara leads them in an attempt to escape from their goblin captors.

#29 The Really Big Head

Phin has a conversation with an Easter Island head and learns it’s race.

#30 Phineus 2022

Written by Jason Bender. The year is 2022. The story of how Phineus loses his arm to a cyber demon and gets it replaced with a cybernetic one.

#31 Dormont Horror

Very loosely based on Lovecraft’s “The Dunwich Horror”. Phin and Sara have a run-in with a creepy fish guy and his very, very BIG brother.
comic-20101031-Kringle Vs. Elder 10.jpg

#32 Ghoulina

The events of “The Radon Farting Bastard Aliens From Hell” from the zombies point of view.

#33 The Quick and the Undead

Written by Mikey Wood. Phin, Sara and Bobby Carter face a zombie cowboy in a wild west amusement park. Zombies, cowboys and demons, oh my!

#34 Mishaps & Monster Summoning

Phineus makes a mess at Pittsburgh’s Bigfoot convention when a monster summoning spell goes horribly awry. The first appearance of Karl the bigfoot! NSFW.

#35 The Brain Eaters

Phin and Sara investigate an odd, ancient obelisk in Ohio. Thinga are not exactly what they seem and Sara must fight against Phineus for the fate of the planet and their unborn child!

#36 Which Lich is Which?

In the aftermath of “Zombiehaus”, Rotwang rises from the dead as a Lich. Let the fun ensue.

#37 Terror of the Cthulhu Cult

The year is 1987. Fr. Ben Billings stops a dark ritual by a cult of Cthulhu. He kicks ass for the Lord!
comic-20120611 Terror-of-the-Cthulhu-Cult-Cover-.jpg

#38 Now Leaving Innsmouth

Mojaekum is driven mad by a vision of Elder Things while in meditation. Phin and Sara are sent on a mission to Antartica to stop Miskatonic University’s attempt to find the Elder city from the old Lovecraft novel. The setup for the Trinity crossover story.

#39 Have a Drink on Me

Count Largo’s ex wife, The Contessa seeks revenge against the killers of her old flame. NSFW.

#40 & 41 Should I stay or Should I Migo?

The first page of ODK Presents is up! The start of Feist/Phin crossover! It is hosted on our sister site at:
comic-20121222-Migo 1.jpg

#42 Chapter 1: Ordinary People

Still sore from Phineus’ betrayal, Sara and the baby, Nikki are out shopping and run afoul of bugs of enormous size. Meanwhile Phin and Mojo fight off the Dread Crabzilla!

#43 The Belly Of The Beast

Phin and Mojo continue their battle with Crabzilla.

#44 Gods and Monsters

The history of the universe is explained to two of The Black Mages by the Old One. The Mythological background of the Phineus Universe! NSFW.

#45 Unearthed

The Black Mages make their plans known and Phineus and Fr. Ben try and figure out where Crabzilla came from.

#46 The Call

The strange appearance of monsters all over the world continues. Brather Maynard and Kris Kringle and his protoge’ Rugnar guest star!

#47 Threshold

Gd7 faces off against a giant bigfoot while Phin and Sara get assigned a mission to help save the world.

#48 Monstergeddon

Giant creatures attack across the world. Phineus, Sara and Ben meet with other heroes at the Mages Council HQ in a bud to save the world.

#49 Ragnarokin’

The team heads to the Brazilian rainforest, in search if the Spear of Longinus and find some nasty surprises.

#50 When a Hero Goes Down

The team do battle with Mojaekum and the Eyeclopse in the temple of Shub Niggarath.

#51 Hula Hoop Mummies Must Die

Bonus comic available for download! Terry Lingal, Duncan Borrl and the members of Greystar’s Heroes go to Egypt to find the Seal of Solomon to fight Kali.

#52 Another Mistake By The Lake

The forces of evil and the forces of good converge on Cleveland as the final battle against Kali and her minions begins.

#53 Clash of Titans

Phin and company prepare to enter “The Pit”, when an unexpected visitor and an unexpected friend arive.

#54 Under the God

The forces of good, led by Phineus confront Kali and her army of demons in a last ditch, desperate attempt to stop the end of the world. The final chapter of The Kali Saga!

#55 Sons of Fenris

GD7 and The Non-Standard Assembly attempt to locate the God Nails, to defeat Kali and run into some old friends.

#56 Apocalypse Child

Phin and Sara are coping with the aftermath of the battle with Kali and her forces. Phin is given new responsibilities and strange disappearances are occurring around Pittsburgh.

#57 Vortempest Celestial Incident

It’s 1989 and the Members of GD7 face off against a 40 story extra-dimensional nightmare.

#58 A Day in the Life

The Beam building is a weird and fantastical place. A single day here, contains more weird than most places see in centuries.

A Day in the Life

#59 The Haitian Zombie Clambake

It’s 1979. Ben Billings is on his first solo mission from the Vatican/Council demonic and witchcraft task force. Ben is sent to a remote area of Haiti to investigate strange happenings and missing villages. not just villagers, but whole villages.all is not what it seems to be, including a very unlikely ally and unexpected complications.


The Haitian Zombie Clambake

#60 Worm Sign

A new chapter, new issues with a really big worm.
#59 Worm Sign Cover

Phineus Teen Wizard

The Thing in the Basement

Phineus meets someone while doing research in the basement of Fourier University’s library. The first issue of Teen Wizard.
Thing in the Basement Cover

The Naome Glin Predicament

Phin and the gang get into some college hijinx and some really big trouble!
The-Naome-Glin-Predicament-0 Cover

Phineus Shorts


When the Drunk Duck Zombie outbreak hit Pittsburgh, this is how the city’s heroes took action! Rotwang is the baddy in this one.
comic-20080224-Zombiehaus- .jpg

Noche De Le Lucha Absoltamente

It’s 1989. Sara crosses over with James Riot’s “the Path” as Sara and Chance, after a drunken tryst , meet up with a HUGE zombie Mexican wrestler.

The Mother of All Monsters

Jon Towers’ one shot Phineus story! NSFW.

Maynard and Grimm

The team up of a Cyborg Priest and electric Dwarf versus a demonic cult. Rugnar the Grimm is one of Kringle’s Dwarves.

The Werewolf Conundrum

Noeland Collins’ Sara One Shot about Sara’s run-in with very peculiar werewolves.


Bios and Backgrounds in the Phineus universe.

Bobby Carter: Creephunter

Celebrity monster hunter, Bobby Carter fights evil for fun and ratings!

#01 Creephunter

Bobby kills a nest of Zombies, meets the Zombie King and has a run in with something nasty.

#02 Creephunter

Bobby survives a run-in with something nasty and has a surprise house guest waiting for him at home. We also meet Bobby’s biggest adversary.

#03 Creephunter

Bobby visits a furry friend and has to go into the lion’s den. Running every Saturday, here on ! Written by Mike Wood Art and colors by Barry Linck
comic-20130330-creephunter3cover Small.jpg

Bastard Who: The Gentleman’s Chronicles

A Doctor Who parody comic. The brother comic to Jame’s Riot’s Bastard Who.

Bastard Who: The Gentleman’s Chronicles-Origins

The beginning of Bastard Who, with introductions to The Gentleman and his companion, Otto.

Bastard Who: The Gentleman’s Chronicles- Yin & Yang

The Gentleman is captured by aliens and Otto rescued by them.

Gil: The Walking Dead(Or Vampires Suck)

Punk rock vampire a go go.

Gil: The Original Strips

Punk rock hero turned vampire loser. Hilarity of the original strips.
comic-20110825- Gil cover.jpg

Gil: The Walking Dead (or Vampires Suck)

Gil is a vampire story that I had published in a local Pittsburgh alternative music fanzine back in 1992. It garnered a very small, but very loyal fan base. I will be posting new strips on Tuesdays. This is a retelling of the original strips, so it may seem familiar, but redoing it will allow me to expand the story and flesh in the vampire culture in the Phineus universe. And just for the record, I named it “The Walking Dead” waaay back in 1992. Enjoy!

Kris Kringle

Kris Kringle (Don’t call him Santa), the drarven warlord and his brave dwarves and their adventures.

Christmas Commandos

Kris and the boys on a Christmas toy run.

An Elder Christmas

Kris and his mighty warriors fight off an after Christmas incursion by Lovecraft’s nasty Elder Things.
comic-20110112-Kringle Vs. Elder .jpg

Catching the Krampus

The origins of Kringle’s old grudge against the monstrous Krampus are explored.

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